Why do we prioritise toilet blocks?

Why do we prioritise toilet blocks?

Some people have asked why we have prioritised the toilet block in our Bright Futures of Bardia project phase 1…well here is why.

500+ students plus about 20 staff use this toilet facility 6 days per week. What you see here plus 2 other cubicles. There is no running water. Every child deserves better than this. Everyone. We have posted lots of photos of beautiful children and their gorgeous smiles… who touch our hearts, and remind us of their beautiful souls…. The truth is, this is what they live in. It’s these facts that call for action… your action, my action, our action. We really encourage you to think for a minute about the impact that $50 or $100 could have in their world. We are only $10k short of what we need to complete phase 1. $10k that’s only 200 people giving $50 each. I bet by end of tomorrow more than 1000 people have seen this post. What if everyone who sees it gives $20. How cool would that be.

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and reading the full story, entering card details and donating what you can afford, it doesn’t have to be a lot. It really doesn’t. Some people give more, some give less, that’s 100% ok. Please just take the few minutes to donate online right now. Your donation makes a difference and we are so grateful.Please also share the campaign far and wide.
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