Monsoon destroyed
our last bamboo classrooms..

Bright Futures of Bardia

Empowering young people and their communities through education.
Paving the way for children to; acknowledge and unleash their full potential through self-discovery; to empower and lead themselves and their communities; to transform their futures; and to contribute to both local and global societies in a connected, educated and sustainable manner.



Create independence and sustainability of rural schools, communities, social and medical facilities – protecting the future of the next generation.


Self – Sustainable


Supporting communities through the development of self-sustaining projects encompassing education, health, and enterprise.
Aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Take Ownership


The youth and communities of Bardia are empowered by taking ownership, hence amplifying the impact and creating a ripple effect throughout the region, facilitating sustainable growth.

Reducing child trafficking in Nepal through education.

Did you know that child trafficking in Nepal has increased 500% over the past 5 years? Help us change these statistics.

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Help us reach our goal of raising a total of AUD $185,000. Join us to give children in Bardia, Nepal an opportunity to complete high school in English.

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Would you like to host a fundraising event, such as a morning tea, a sporting or themed event. Get in touch with us to get all the information and tools you need to host your own event.

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Because of our partners, people like you, who said “I want to help!”, we are doing more good for more people.

Help the children and families of Western Nepal

Access to education is something most of us take for granted, but for many of these children growing up in a remote rural village in Western Nepal, this is far from their reality. Only a quarter of Nepalese children finish high school.

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    Help us make a difference

    Making a difference for at-risk communities of Bardia, far Western Nepal.

    Our goal for this project is to raise a total of AUD $185,000*, over 5 phases.

    *estimates based on current exchange rates and quotations in hand.


    You can join us


    Please join us to provide the children of Bardia the opportunity to stay at school to complete their high school education, in an environment conducive to learning.


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    If this is your first time visiting us please visit our About page to get more insight into why we are doing what we do.



    If you already follow what we are doing and would like to support through a donation to PHASE 4 of the Bright Futures of Bardia school project campaign, please click Donate Now.


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    Phase 1  Fundraising complete. Building complete.

    Phase 2 Combined Phases 1 and 2 raised $89,000.

    Fundraising complete. Building complete.

    Phase 3 Target $48,000 – $48,000 Raised. Building underway.


    Phase 4 Renovation of 10 old classrooms including plastering, windows, electrical systems. Fundraising underway. You can be a part of this through your donation.

    Funds raised so far


    Phases 1, 2 and 3 complete. We are now raising funds for Phase 4.