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We personally monitor the progress and quality of the project first hand. We are working together with the school, the community and local labour to ensure all funds are distributed in the most effective manner and the quality and sustainable impact of the project are guaranteed, ensuring the value of your donations is maximised.


Education – Empowerment – Dignity – Community – Sustainability


Construction of ten new classrooms

The new classroom block will house ten desperately needed extra classrooms.
Once complete these new classrooms will provide students with an environment that is safe, comfortable in all seasons, and conducive to learning.


Building of appropriate sanitation facilities

To ensure all students and teachers have access to the basic human right of clean toilet facilities, allowing girls to stay at school also during menstruation with dignity.


Providing community access to education

Increasing the number of children, including ‘landless’ children, who have the opportunity to take part in a good quality English language education up to year 12.


Construction of Science and Technology Block

The building of a Science Lab, Computer Lab, Library and Early Learning Centre will give teachers, students, and community members access to the necessary resources to create opportunities for further education and preparation for college and the working world.

Access to education is a basic human right, and is something most of us take for granted, but for many of these children growing up in a remote rural village in Western Nepal, this is far from their reality. Only a quarter of Nepalese children actually finish high school.

Our goal for this project is to raise a total of AUD $185,000, over 4 phases. 

Help the children and families of Western Nepal

Your generous donation helps to:

PHASE 1: Success and Building Update



We are excited to share with you that an application has been lodged and once approved the school will be able to offer year 11 and year 12.


Table 1 (to the right): Your generous Phase 1 donations have already funded.


Photos Below: Our commitment to the project is to use local labour, including women. Civil works for the new classroom block that will house ten new classrooms. Toilet block development.  Final touches inside classrooms.

PHASE 2: Success and Building Update



Our objective was to keep the construction team on site beyond Phase 1 to immediately commence Phase 2 works, so that the building of five new classrooms on the lower level of the classroom block could commence. They have now completed the work.  We have also completed the civil works and foundations for the science and technology block.


Your donation to Phase 2 was used for the:


  • Construction of five new classrooms. These five classrooms are the ground floor classrooms of the new block that will house ten additional classrooms, once complete. The new classrooms provide students with an environment that is conducive to learning.


  • Civil works and foundation for new Science and Technology block. When complete, the students will have access to a dedicated 4 room block that will be fitted out for more technical and skill specific education for the students (library, science laboratory, early learning centre and computer laboratory), as well as creating facilities for training opportunities in health, human rights and entrepreneurship for the broader local community. Phase 2 included the completion of excavation, civil works and foundations for the Science and Technology block.

Please join us to provide the children of Bardia the opportunity to stay at school to complete their high school education, in an environment conducive to learning.




Phase 3 is raising funds for the building of the Science and Technology Block, which will provide one dedicated teaching space for Science, one for Computing as well as being home to the Library and an interactive Early Learning Centre. The building will be a 2 storey structure, with Science and Technology labs on the upper level, and the Library and Early learning Centre being situated on the lower level. These spaces will also be used for community education for the broader population, in areas such as: education, health (including nutrition and hygiene) as well as enterprise. We are working with STEAM Education specialists in Australia and Nepal to maximise the impact of the design for the block. Our objective is to raise the necessary funds by Christmas 2019 so we can complete these works for the new academic year commencing in April 2020.


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Phase 3 - You can help.

Here are some amazing ways to support us

The names of all donors will be listed on the Bardia Memorial School Website

Platinum level donation


Give $5,000 or more and your name will be immortalised on a plaque in the Library or Science and Technology Block.


For Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum donors, if you’d like to dedicate your donation to a loved one who shares your commitment to leaving a legacy for future generations, his or her name will appear on the Honour Board.

This is what collaboration looks like.

  Please stay on the journey with us and continue to help us with further phases of this project. We cannot do it without you.